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funeral coffin with flowers as part of a funeral service

What Does a Funeral Home Do? 

Arranging a funeral can be a very challenging experience for everyone. There are numerous aspects to be figured out before your loved one is laid to rest. However, assistance is available during this difficult process.  

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Completing documentation for registering a death in the UK

How Long Do I Have to Register a Death?  

When a loved one passes away, it’s an incredibly difficult time for family and friends. As a result, it can be easy to lose track of the paperwork that needs to be filled in. Whilst registering a death in the UK can initially seem to be a confusing process, it’s actually relatively simple to understand. That said, taking too long to register a death can be a costly error.  

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Choosing Clothes for Funeral

What to Wear to a “No Black Attire Allowed” Funeral

When you’re attending a funeral, it’s important to stay respectful in both your appearance and behaviour. Wearing something appropriate is a key element of that and given the sombre nature of funerals, black is the general rule of thumb.

However, there are some funerals where black is specifically prohibited – at the request of the deceased or their loved ones.

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Couple at Funeral Service v2

What to Say at a Funeral: 8 Helpful Suggestions

Knowing what to say at a funeral can be tough. Whether you are attending because you knew the deceased personally or just supporting someone close, it’s important to express your condolences. Remember, the main thing is to speak with kindness and compassion.

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coffin bearer carrying casket at funeral

What Should I Wear to a Funeral?

Losing a loved one is always a difficult process. When dealing with grief, simple tasks like getting ready in the morning can seem daunting. This is especially true on the morning of the funeral when emotions are running particularly high.

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Copper Urn

What to do With Your Loved One’s Ashes

After cremation, you need to decide what to do with your loved one’s ashes. You might like to consider a decorative urn or perhaps something to keep close to you and look at or wear every day.

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Choosing a coffin

Choosing a Coffin

Choosing a coffin for someone close to you can bring great comfort to you and helps with the grieving process. This short article outlines the practical considerations for choosing a casket or coffin and gives an overview of the choices available to you.

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Angel In Blue Memorial Headstones

Considering a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan? What you need to know.

Knowing that your funeral costs are covered, and that your relatives will not have unexpected bills when you die, can provide great peace of mind to both you and your family

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Gold Standard Carbon Credits

Offsetting our Carbon Footprint

We have taken positive action to offset our carbon footprint by supporting climate projects around the world that prevent greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere

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What to Do When Someone Dies

What to Do When Someone Dies

It is a stressful and upsetting time when a family member has passed away and this guide offers support and gives you information on what you need to do next.

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How to compose a eulogy

How to Compose a Eulogy

It is a great honour to be invited to write and deliver a eulogy to celebrate and honour the life of someone who has died but having said that it’s perfectly natural to feel a little daunted and apprehensive at the prospect.

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Funeral Flowers

The Etiquette of Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are a traditional way to pay tribute to a loved one at a funeral. They can often convey the right sentiment when words are so hard to find.

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