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How Do I Choose a Funeral Director?

Arranging the funeral of a loved one may feel overwhelming. That’s where funeral directors can help.

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What is a funeral director?

A funeral director will assist with the organisation of a funeral service, burial or cremation for your loved one. They are there to provide support and guidance to bereaved families.

Funeral directors may also assist with other services such as natural burials and celebrations of life.

How do I choose a funeral director?

It’s wise to choose a funeral director that is a member of either the National Association of Funeral Directors or the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. Members of these organisations are held to a strict code of conduct and have transparent complaints procedures. By choosing a funeral director from either of these associations, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the best possible service.

With that said, there are other factors to consider when choosing a funeral director.

1. Location

If you’re looking to stage a funeral service or memorial in a particular location, search out the funeral directors that operate in the area.

2. Read reviews, ask for recommendations and meet the company

If you have friends who have recently organised funerals, ask for their opinion of the company.

Equally, read reviews online. You’ll get a sense of how the funeral director operates, and whether they’ll provide the compassion and organisation you need.

Once you’ve narrowed down viable options, you can get in contact with the funeral director. Most will be happy to discuss options with you either in branch or even at your home.

3. Services offered

Different funeral directors will provide different services, packages and products. These will all vary in price.

Many funeral directors now offer a simple funeral package. Typically, you can expect services to include provision of a plain coffin, care of the person who has died, transportation via hearse and administrative support.

More complicated services and products can include expensive coffins, flowers, embalming, extra transportation, bereavement support, a memorial, medical certification or doctor’s fees for cremation and a burial or cremation fee. Packages with these services and products will be more expensive.

You may want to celebrate and remember the dead person’s life in a unique way via an alternative funeral. If so, establish whether a funeral director can accommodate more unusual requests.

4. Cost

You should be given a written estimate providing a breakdown of costs by each funeral director. Compare costs between different companies for the most favourable price.

Avoid more expensive funeral packages that include services or products you don’t want.

Funeral directors may ask for a deposit before making any further arrangements. Equally, certain discounts may be available, depending on the company in question.

Talk to your local funeral director

For funeral services in Bristol, we can help. As an accredited funeral director, we’re here to help you stage a funeral that celebrates and remembers your loved one.

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