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Funeral Vehicles: What Are Your Options?

When it comes to organising funeral services, one of the key factors to take into consideration is the transportation. As well as transportation for the coffin itself, you may also require a suite of funeral vehicles for friends and family members.

Funeral hearse at a church

Traditional funeral vehicles are chauffeur-driven limousines or hearses. At F. Woodruff, we have a fleet of first-rate black Jaguar vehicles to provide the necessary transportation around the service. However, if you’re looking for funeral services in Bristol that are able to provide alternative, unique options for funeral transportation, then we can help.

What are your options with Bristol funeral vehicles?

At F. Woodruff, our aim is to ensure that funeral services in Bristol are as seamless as possible for all involved. Transportation is an essential component in achieving a stress-free day. This is why we have a collection of premium limousines and hearses with which to transport the coffin, as well as friends and family, for the service.

However, we also have more bespoke funeral transportation available if you prefer a vehicle that speaks to the personality of your loved one. These are the options for funeral vehicles from F. Woodruff – both traditional and distinctive.

Hearses and Limousines

When it comes to funeral transportation, the classic choice is a black hearse and limousine. These vehicles take the coffin, as well as friends and family, to the funeral service, providing stately and memorable transportation. These traditional funeral vehicles are chauffeur driven by a trained member of our team.

There are opportunities to personalise these classic funeral vehicles. On the day of any service, they will be immaculately presented and maintained, but elements like coloured ribbons and personalised tributes can be added in order to reflect the personality and life of the person being remembered.

Motorcycle Hearse

If you’re organising an alternative funeral service for someone who had a love of motorcycles, opting for a motorcycle hearse is a fantastic way of honouring this passion.

We offer several different types of motorcycle hearse, depending on your preference. From vintage motorcycles to more contemporary models, and even those with sidecars, our suite of motorcycle hearses will help you to honour a motorcycle-mad loved one, turning the funeral service into a unique remembrance event.

Flatbed Lorry

Opting for a vintage flatbed lorry is a meaningful way to add a little colour into Bristol funeral services. Whilst traditional ceremonies tend towards a black colour scheme, many individuals prefer to remember their loved one by adding some brightness into the mix.

Our vintage flatbed lorry provides just the opportunity to do so. This choice of transport would make a fitting tribute to loved ones who were avid motorheads or even long-distance lorry drivers. The coffin will be securely attached to the lorry’s flatbed by our team of professional funeral directors, and it can be personalised with the addition of floral tributes too.

Traditional horse and carriage

Traditional funeral vehicles for the modern age tend to be black hearses and limousines, but there’s nothing more traditional than a horse and carriage. Bring back the ceremony of funerals past by choosing to transport your loved one in a horse and carriage.

Our black shire horses are majestic in appearance thanks to their traditional black dress, which includes ostrich feathers and a gleaming bridle set. A member of our professional funeral team will ensure that the horses pull the beautifully restored carriage as smoothly as possible, offering a ceremonial feel to the funeral transportation.

What to consider when booking funeral services in Bristol

Whether you choose to go for traditional funeral vehicles, or are interested in more unique transportation options, there are a number of things you may want to consider when organising the service.


If you’re choosing to celebrate your loved one with a bespoke funeral vehicle, you will need to let your funeral director know as soon as possible. The team at F. Woodruff can help you to secure funeral transportation in several different vehicles. However, bear in mind that certain options may require slightly longer time to source and prepare, and certain permissions may similarly need to be granted.

If you’re organising a funeral with a limited timeframe, choosing more traditional funeral vehicles is a sensible option. This will mean you won’t have the added stress of securing alternative transportation methods. Preparing for a funeral is a painful time, so it’s important to minimise stressful processes, where possible.

However, independent funeral directors like F.Woodruff are always willing to accommodate alternative funeral vehicles, where possible, so do ensure you’ve spoken with them before making a decision.


Choosing non-conventional funeral vehicles may require a little more administrative legwork. For example, there may be legal limitations regarding the roads along which a horse and carriage can travel. Alternatively, certain speed restrictions may also determine whether or not more unique methods of funeral transportation are suitable in specific locations.

The team at F. Woodruff are here to ensure that you remember the life of your loved one in the most meaningful way possible. However, we need to take care that we follow all necessary rules and regulations. Getting in contact with us sooner rather than later will help us to organise the funeral that you want, whilst ensuring that we remain within the law at all times.

Find the best funeral vehicle for your service

If you’re looking for funeral directors in Bristol to help you plan, organise and orchestrate a funeral service that celebrates the life of your loved one, F. Woodruff can help. We have many years of experience managing funerals in Bristol and the surrounding areas, and we understand how difficult the process can be.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or unique funeral vehicle, our team can help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements.

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