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What to do With Your Loved One’s Ashes

After cremation, you need to decide what to do with your loved one’s ashes. You might like to consider a decorative urn or perhaps something to keep close to you and look at or wear every day. If your loved one had a hobby or passion, a favourite spot to sit or a special place that you shared together – then there are options to scatter their ashes to remember them. It is a big decision but one that should bring you peace and happy memories once complete, so take time to consider what suits you and your family. This short article outlines some traditional and modern options for your loved one’s ashes.

Choose a Decorative Urn

Traditionally, cremation ashes are kept in a decorative urn – the most usual shape being a lidded vase. There is a wide choice of materials including metal, stone, glass, and wood, but ceramic is enduringly popular and is available in classic and modern designs to suit all tastes.

Depending on the material chosen, you can usually choose to have your urn personalised with a memorial plaque or engraved inscription.

Before choosing your loved one’s urn, consider where you would like to display it. A beautiful decorative urn can provide you with an uplifting memorial, enhancing your home and your emotional wellbeing at this sad time.

Flower Marble Urn
Plant a Tree

Memorial Woodlands are a calm and peaceful environment to visit and are a lovely choice if your family member or friend enjoyed the outdoors and nature or environmental causes. If you choose to plant a tree, your loved one’s ashes are placed in a biodegradable urn and a tree is planted on top. As the tree grows, you have a living memorial in a natural setting – and it helps the earth too.

If you own your property, you can also plant a tree in your garden – there are no regulations on burying ashes in your own garden in the UK. Do remember that if you move to a new house in the future, the new owners may not agree to you visiting your memorial, so a memorial woodland may give you greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Commission Keepsake or Memorial Jewellery

Memorial and mourning jewellery was extremely popular in the Victorian era and has recently grown in popularity. There are lots of gorgeous, wearable options which allow you to keep your loved one’s ashes close to you in a beautiful piece.

Ashes can be encapsulated in glass or resin and formed into pendants, earrings, and charm beads. These items are handmade for you and your ideas can be incorporated into the design.

You could also choose to have your loved one’s ashes formed into manufactured diamonds so that they can shine forever. The manufactured diamond can be used in jewellery or kept in a keepsake box.

Scatter the Ashes

Scattering your loved one’s ashes into the sea is a traditional way to say farewell and would be a fitting tribute if they loved coastal walks, the beach or worked at sea. You do not require a licence to scatter ashes at sea and it can be done from a boat, or from accessible paths and beaches.

If your loved one had a passion for sports, you can choose to scatter their ashes at a place that was special to them. Many football grounds and sporting facilities offer a memorial garden for ashes. It is best to enquire directly to the relevant organisation to explore this option.

If you wish to scatter cremation ashes, this is most easily done with a scatter tube. This is a specially designed container which allows the ashes to move freely as you release them.

Choose Glass Memorial Art

Adding your loved one’s ashes into a piece of glass art allows them to shine light into your home and is a unique memorial. This can be a traditional ‘stained glass window’ style or a striking piece of modern art to remember your loved one and enhance your home and your wonderful memories.

Glass memorials are bespoke items, and you can incorporate quotes, inscriptions, or memories of special places into the design, creating a permanent celebration of your lives together.

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