Carbon Offsetting

We as a company feel that due to the nature of the job we do and the professional vehicles we use on funerals, should be looking at trying to offset the carbon which we use. For 2020 we will be looking at our business practices and try to recycle more, reduce our waste and not make unnecessary journeys. As another step in trying to become carbon neutral we will be donating £5 from every funeral we conduct, to offset the carbon we use. Hopefully these small steps which we will try to make, over the coming years will help to reduce our carbon footprint.

We will be working with a company called Gold Standard whose strategy is:

To realize our vison and mission, our focus is to develop and evolve a flexible meta-standard that sets the benchmark for climate and development interventions and to push for greater ambition in markets and policy frameworks. Underlying this strategic focus, we aim to reduce costs and complexity and increase value for credible impact certification.

This means we will be donating to projects across the world which will be helping the planet this could be planting trees in South West Australia or helping develop the use of wind power in Rajasthan. Along side this we will be taking part in Shell’s “Drive Carbon Neutral” which will be off setting the fuel which we use in our vehicles.

Gold Standard Carbon Credits
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