Yate Funeral Home

Contact details

118-120 Station Rd, Yate, Bristol BS37 4PQ
Telephone: 01454 320 005 (phone line is open 24 hours a day, everyday)
Email: info@funerals.uk.net

Outside this Yate, Bristol Funeral Directors
Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday: Open on request
Sunday: Open on request

Nearest Crematorium

Westerleigh Crematorium & Cemetery (2.8 miles)

Westerleigh Road, Westerliegh, Bristol, BS37 8QP

Haycombe Crematorium & Cemetery (17.4 miles)

Whiteway Road, Bath, BA2 2RQ

Nearest Cemeteries

Mayshill Cemetery (1.7 miles)

Badminton Road, Mayshill, BS36 2NS

Westerleigh Crematorium & Cemetery (2.8 miles)

Westerleigh Road, Westerleigh, Bristol, BS37 8QP

Nearest Registrars

Yate One Stop Shop (0.3 miles)

Kennedy Way, Yate, BS37 4DQ

Kingswood Civic Centre (8.8 miles)

High Street, Kingswood, BS15 9TR

Member of the National Association of Funeral Directors The national society of allied and independent funeral directors

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